Strategy Impact Bootcamp

Evaluation has always been an important potential tool for organisations, but in recent years it has become even more business critical. 

Increasingly organisations want to better understand the difference they’re making, know where to put resource to deliver most impact, and be able to show this with robust evidence.  Whilst funders see evaluation as essential for accountability and to understanding what they’re getting in return for their investment in a project or programme.

The Impact Strategy Bootcamp is for Managers and Leaders wanting to embed an evidence-informed, evaluative approach into their organisation, programme or team. This professional development opportunity rises above the weeds of the detail of what evaluation tool to use on a project or what data to collect and takes a more strategic-level view of impact measurement and management. Week 1 will cover ‘Linking to strategy’; Weeks 2-4 will cover ‘Making it happen’ and Week 5 will focus on ‘Resourcing evaluation’– more detail below:

Does your Organisation's evaluation approach feel like this?

Then the Strategy Bootcamp is for you.


Week 1: Beyond ‘box-ticking’ – evaluation takes time and resource so we’ll kick-off the Bootcamp by exploring how evaluation can help your organisation and what the potential benefits. This will enable you to consider how your work can benefit, and to assess current evaluative practice in your organisation, programme or team using a framework to get a clear picture of where you are now, diagnose issues and identify what could be improved.

Week 2: Creating a structure – if you want to embed evaluation then ensuring there’s an agreed, and well-communicated framework in place to guide it is incredibly helpful.  In week 2 we will consider what type of evaluation ‘framework’ might be right for your organisation, and how this should link to strategy. We’ll then move onto prioritising what to evaluate.

Week 3: Getting your house in order – systems and processes make the evaluation world go round so in our third week we’ll plan what needs to be in place in your organisation to ensure evaluation runs smoothly, to manage and use the knowledge your evaluation creates and to head off future headaches and issues.

Week 4: Using what you already have – organisations often have a lot of information about their impact, and lessons learnt already available however fail to fully use this to inform their plans.  In our penultimate week we’ll map what evidence is already available, where it is and assess how good it is.

Week 5: Putting it all into practice – our final week will be spent considering the skills needed in the workforce/teams to undertake and use evaluation, how to onboard staff, develop capacity, and the benefits of Evaluation Ambassadors. We’ll finish by creating a mini action plan of next steps for your evaluative journey.

The Bootcamp aims to build your skills and confidence in bite-sized chunks and we are therefore taking a blended learning approach. So in addition to weekly themed sessions above there will be:

  • Short self-guided tasks set at the end of each themed session.  These are designed to try out what you’ve learnt in your own setting, and move forward embedding evaluation into your organisation
  • Cheat sheets, checklists etc on the theme of each week
  • 2 one-to-one mentoring sessions to support your learning journey – one at the beginning and one near the end
  • Access to a WhatsApp group with your fellow bootcampers and tutor to swap ideas and chat through problems as they happen
  • Tutor on ‘speed dial’ – you can WhatsApp your Tutor anytime for support, with questions etc that you don’t want to share with the group.

Sessions run on one day per week for 5 weeks and participants must be able to commit to attend all sessions and do ‘homework’ in-between.

Time: 1.15-2.45pm – For the next start date, see our Upcoming events listing

Location: Online via zoom

Price: £650 ex VAT with £50 discount for current clients